Perky Poodle Grooming and Pet Boutique

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Well-bred grooming for clients of any breed

A community standard, the Perky Poodle has offered full service dog bathing and dog grooming since 1965.

Whatever the breed, all clients are show-ring stars at the Perky Poodle.


Come meet your salon team

Groomers, bathers, clients, and pups have been known to become family! You can request a team you would like to work with ahead of time or decide after you've arrived and had a chat with us.

Working with a team provides consistency in services and supports the desires of the pet owner and the safety, comfort, and health of the pet.

In-house training that cultivates new specialists is our most important strength. There are over 200 years of experience between our team members which creates the perfect foundation for new grooming trends and approaches.


Everything starts with the bathers, the foundation of any groom. Bathing (shampoo and conditioning with various tailor-made products) is followed by expert drying techniques meant to make the process as quick and easy as possible for every pet. Breed-specific coat management, healthy external expression of glands, and cleansing and removal of hair in sensitive areas such as the ears provide health maintenance services as a foundation for the groom itself. Visit the bathing page for more information.

The grooming staff takes the lead when it comes to precision haircuts. We focus on the art of hand-scissoring and finishing (the final shaping of hair by hand using specialized scissors), going beyond many other shops that only offer simple cuts with clippers. This difference sets us on the level of international dog shows and breed standards. Our entire grooming staff has years of finishing experience and any new members to our team are mentored by these experts. Visit the grooming page for more information.

Perky Poodle Grooming Salon

Phone: 214-526-3243


4560 West Mockingbird Ln, #126

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7:30 AM - 5:30 PM

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