Perky Poodle Grooming and Pet Boutique

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Update on July 1, 2020:

How is it July? I hope you all are safe! Updated info is below but a quick sum-up for you: following the city’s recommendations, masks are now required if you are entering the building, and while the lobby is open, we are still offering curbside if you prefer it.

Stay well,

                                                                             Masks Required in the Lobby
The city has asked that masks be worn when entering a business and we support that decision – we want to keep your pups and you safe! Besides, we have seen some really neat masks lately so come show off yours. Our talented Ali has made quite a few of our masks, and we love getting to showcase her work!

                                                            Open Lobby OR Curbside Pick-ups and Drop-offs
The lobby is open to the public, and we have placed markers on the floor to help us all maintain the CDC recommended distances. Feel free to come in and pick up your pup.

If you still prefer to maintain separation via curbside options, give us a call at 214-526-3243 when you arrive and a staff member will bring a slip-lead out to your car. You can then put that slip-lead on your pup and hand her/him over to us to get started. Payments will be made by phone or by giving us your credit card at the car. Grooming and bathing instructions outside of the usual can be discussed by phone or email to limit direct contact if you prefer.

                                                                               By Appointment Only
Walk-ins still cannot be accommodated at this time. Call ahead to see if we have space for you or to set an appointment for a future date.

                                       Safety and Cleaning Procedures - Continually Re-Evaluated and Updated
We are listening to those who know more than us (CDC, etc) to continually update our cleaning routines. This includes a lot of cleaning between pups and between clients in the lobby. Please continue to be careful though – wear your awesome masks, use our sanitizer, and feel free to ask us to re-clean any surface (the counter, the credit card machine, etc) before you use it.