Perky Poodle Grooming and Pet Boutique

Website still under construction. Check back for updates!

Update on May 20, 2020:

Time moves so fast! We have been back open almost a month and we are now, as of this week, at full staff. This means we can expand our appointment options, and we will be getting in touch with our new client requests as quickly as we can. We will continually update this site as well as Facebook and Instagram, and you can always check in with us via phone or email.

Please see below for updated information on keeping our reopening safe for all involved.

Stay well,



Open Lobby OR Curbside Pick-ups and Drop-offs

We have opened the lobby to the public and have placed markers on the floor to help us all maintain the CDC recommended distances. Feel free to come in and pick up your pup.

If you still prefer to maintain separation via curbside options, give us a call at 214-526-3243 when you arrive and a staff member will bring a slip-lead out to your car. You can then put that slip-lead on your pup and hand her/him over to us to get started. Payments will be made by phone or by giving us your credit card at the car. Grooming and bathing instructions outside of the usual can be discussed by phone to limit direct contact if you prefer.

Slightly Abbreviated Hours

As mentioned above, we are now at full staff and all are healthy! We have expanded our temporary hours to Tuesday-Saturday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM. Pups need to be in the shop by 10 for services to accommodate the added cleaning and spacing procedures.



By Appointment Only

Walk-ins still cannot be accommodated at this time. Call ahead to see if we have space for you or to set an appointment for a future date. We are just beginning to take new clients again so definitely get on the list!

Safety and Cleaning Procedures - Continually Re-Evaluated and Updated

The enhanced cleaning routines we had implemented prior to closing will be continued and expanded as we read new information from the CDC. Our employees will wear masks at all times. We would appreciate it if you would also wear a mask when you drop off and pick up to maintain our safety as well as yours. Better safe than sorry!